Nutrients Introduction – 6 Major Classes of Nutrients and their Functions

Learn about the six major classes of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals & water) and their functions in our body. Understand the difference between essential and non-essential nutrients, energy-yielding and non-energy yielding nutrients, organic and inorganic nutrients, macro and micronutrients, building elements of nutrients, and calculate potential energy in food.

Nutrients are the substances available in food. Our body uses energy for every activity, either it is our physical movement, thinking about something or any internal metabolic process. Nutrients provide us this energy to perform all these tasks. Nutrients are essential for our growth & development, maintaining cells & tissues and support thousands of body processes that go on inside every day. In simple words, nutrients support our life. There are so many nutrients that can be categorized under 6 major classes of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and water.

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The Factors That Influence Our Food Choices

Our health depends on our food choices. Here we will discuss the cultural, social, environmental, emotional and sensory factors that influence our food choices. This understanding will help us to choose our food consciously so we can live a healthy life.

Food is a material we obtain from plants or animals, that our body can ingest to get all essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals for energy production, physical growth and maintenance. In simple words, whatever we eat is a food.

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Preface – The Science of Nutrition eBook

Here is an introduction to the ebook “The Science of Nutrition”. This book can help you to choose the right food according to your needs so you can live healthy and happy forever.

Food is the most important thing for our health. Food provides us all the essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients help us in physical growth, to maintain our body and essential for our life. Our health, our energy level, even our thinking depends on what kind of food we choose to eat. If your age is above 25 years then you must have consumed almost 30,000 meals in your life. Your body is made up of all those small meals. Every food you eat affects your overall health in some way. If you choose the right food, it will nourish you. If you choose the wrong food, it will destroy you. Your health depends on your food choice, and your food choice depends on your knowledge of nutrition. In simple words, your health depends on your knowledge.

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